Handmade Quilts from the heart of the UK

Handmade Quilts
from the heart of the UK

With over 40 years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, many Rosemary Rabbit Quilts are available to purchase now from Bed Quilts to Wall Hangings and Xmas Items.

Please feel free to navigate the For Sale page and should you want a commission just get in touch.

Rosemary Rabbit
Handmade Quilts in the UK

You’ll find in this website a collection of nearly a life’s work! Handmade quilts in the UK.

This site is to share past work and give you the opportunity to buy something pre-made, have a bespoke quilt commissioned and if you have a keen interest in quilting … the workshops that are available.

Handmade Quilts by
Michèle Moody

Hello, my name is Michèle.

I have been quilting for over 40 years and became a Founder Member of the Quilters Guild which was established in the late 1980s. This is a thriving society now with headquarters in York and many of the heritage quilts they hold can be seen at the annual Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.