Handmade Quilts from the heart of the UK

Quilting Workshops


As you will see, I do half- or full-day quilting workshops and will take up to 15 students in some of them. I can work at your own group’s location, or arrange one for you at a couple of local village halls, or run one from a shop if you have room for workshops.

I am also happy to arrange a monthly meeting if you want to start a sampler quilt – an excellent method for beginners as you will learn a number of different techniques and patchwork or quilting methods. At the end I can help you put it all together and finally quilt it so you will have an heirloom to be proud of.

Here is the sampler quilt I normally teach from …

Another monthly meeting project is what I call a Poem Quilt. Every meeting you will start another block for the quilt – choose your favourite poem or theme, then interpret each block with a subject picked from the poem. The first two lines of the poem (or a statement about your theme) are also included in the final quilt. Here is one based on holidays such as Venice from another student of mine.

I provide photocopies of the technique for you to take away, and also some materials if you are not sure quite what to bring for fabric or embellishment.

The workshops encompass both hand or machine sewing.


Half day

Full day

£100 for talk on ‘History of Appliqué’
£100 for talk on ‘My Life in Pieces’

Expenses @ 50p per mile

Any supplied materials at little extra than cost.

Dresden Plate or Grandma's Fan

These are very pleasing patterns. Dresden Plate is shown below. Grandma’s Fan is half a plate, both based on the same technique. The applique can be by machine or by hand. Half or full day workshop.

Country Sewing Bags

These are really useful bags for keeping all your sewing items secure and handy. They are about 10 inches high with four outside pockets. The pockets can be appliquéd or made up (such as a log cabin design) before you come to the workshop or you can use those useful cheater patterns of your choice (sewing items, animals, flowers etc). This is a full day workshop but the majority of students actually go home with it finished.

Shattered Images

This is a fascinating technique, the resultant picture looking like an image through a frosted glass window. It needs quite a bit of fabric and makes good use of very large image fabrics, such as big blousy roses! Needs a full day.

Mosaic Patterns

Pull apart a pattern, an American block or flower and make it into a mosaic-style picture, with blanket stitch finish, for a wall hanging or cushion cover. Full day.

Hand Quilting

Learn the traditional method of hand quilting. The results are something more cuddly than machine quilted quilts. A ready layered-up sample is provided for you to practise on, and a marked up design sample is also provided for you to start and take away for a cushion cover. Half or full day.

Pieceful Scenes

These exciting embellished sea/landscape wall hangings can be all your own design or from photos or imagination. I have bagsful of embellishments for you to use.

Stretching Your Imagination

These blocks are really interesting. You will learn how to draft your own choice of a 12-inch block into a stretched format, which creates different patterns when sewn together. Your group can choose a half-day workshop to learn the technique, or a full-day to make up a lap quilt (9 blocks to make).

Failsafe Buttonhole Appliqué

Choose a design provided (or your own) and learn how to make a 12-inch appliqué block, using hand or machine buttonhole stitch with embroidery and embellishments to finish off. This is a ‘magical’ experience for an afternoon workshop.

Cut And Come Again Patchwork Blocks

There are many disappearing nine-patch blocks. Spend an afternoon doing some of these and discover how the patterns change.

Xmas Tree With Bling

This is a pattern that you can embellish with whatever you like. I know someone actually put battery-driven flashing little lights on theirs!


I give two talks at present, one on The History of Appliqué with a slide show and some quilts at the end, and My Life in Pieces with lots and lots of quilts and how I came to make them.